5 Steps to Purchasing

1. Select

  • Select and reserve an available site
  • Select your house design — our friendly sales manager will guide you through our range of floor plans, designs and inclusions
  • Select your home’s internal finishes either a Classic or Deluxe package 

You will receive a copy of the site agreement and home purchase agreement. You have 20 days to read these and seek independent advice

  • Sign a simple contract of sale and pay a $2,000 (non-refundable) deposit

Cooling Off

  • You have 5 working days (7 days) to rescind the agreement from the date that you sign the contract by providing written notice (after this the deposit is not refundable)


2. Sell

  • Engage your real estate agent to understand the value of your home and finalise a marketing plan. Under normal circumstances we will build your home in 5 months from the completion of your selections and signing of the agreements with us. Place your home on the market and aim to settle the sale of your property in line with the completion timing of your new new home.


3. Inspect

  • Inspect the completed site works — water, sewerage, electrical, gas, telephone line and plumbing
  • Inspect your completed home and outside areas
  • Sign the inspection and condition report




4. Settle

  • Pay the final settlement balance


5. Relax

  • Collect your keys, move in and enjoy your brand new home in our lifestyle estate community