Lucas Testimonials

  • I never got out of the car.

    The first time I went to have a look at Lucas Lifestyle Estate, after my husband passed away, I drove all the way in from the farm, parked just outside the gate...and sat the end, I lost my nerve and drove back to the farm.

    A week later I did the whole thing again but this time I got out of the car and went in.

    Claire was there from the office and she showed me around but I already knew in my heart this was the place for me.

    It also gave me the impetus to finally get rid of all the clutter and I invited the kids to bring their utes and trailers and take it away. It was so liberating.


  • The best move we have ever made.


    The first time we visited Lucas Lifestyle Estate was at my daughter, Carrie's, suggestion, as we were finding it difficult to manage the gardens and maintenance of our home.

    When we got to see the lifestyle estate it was a real eye-opener to find what was available and the choices that you had.

    But we found the best things were the residents who made you feel you were welcome and helped to settle in.

    Sales Mangers Abby and Claire are excellent in their help and caring for the residents. We really feel at home and content at the life ahead we both have here at Lucas Lifestyle Estate.




    I wasn’t ready for retirement.

    I had family ties in the Ballarat area and the time came when I felt it would be good to be around them.

    I explored the notion of a traditional retirement village and looked at lots but they all lacked a sense of space and independence – I had this sense they were all slammed up against each other.

    Then I came here to Lucas, liked the homes and especially the space between them and the space around the village. It was so me.

    I play my music without anyone complaining, steal a couple of hours with a book, catch up with my new friends…it could have been built just for me.




    First in, best dressed.

    I'm Ruth and I have the unique honour of being the first resident at Lucas Lifestyle Estate.

    I spotted it on an original map of the whole Lucas development and thought it was worthwhile checking out.

    The reasons were simple and the same as most people’s…I loved my garden but the upkeep was getting tougher and the old family home was forever in need of maintenance and money.

    This was my chance to have space, a manageable garden and everything brand new. It’s a wonderful experience and I’m still near all my friends and everything I need.