Joyce is lovin' this life

Joyce is lovin' this life
21 Jun 2019

Resident Joyce is absolutely lovin' the life at Lucas Lifestyle Estate.

“At first, I saw the Lucas Lifestyle Estate TV advertisement and thought I just have to make that call and from there I made an appointment and got down there quick smart!

I was wanting to downsize and relocate to be closer to my family, I wanted to peace of mind of feeling secure.

It didn’t take me long to make the decision as soon as I had been out to have a look and all I can think now is that I should have made the decision years ago!

I am a completely different person now, I feel so relaxed. I enjoy socialising with all the residents and getting to know everyone, we are certainly living the life of luxury. The homes are built to a high quality, they are spacious and comfortable, it felt like home straight away.
All I can say is, entering into an over 50’s Lifestyle is a new life for me and all for the better”!




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